Patterned Polyester Webbing Product Description:  Webbing, ribbon, or elastic that has been printed through a process called sublimation.  Dye Sublimation is often used in color printing on a variety of substrates, including textiles such as polyester webbing.  Heat is used to vaporize the solid dye material, which then solidifies in the webbing.  This process actually opens up the webbing and injects the vaporized dye, kind of like a tattoo.  The result is vibrant, colorfast, custom patterns, logos and solid colors.  Here at Strapworks, we can sublimate just about any pattern, logo or solid color onto the polyester webbing, ribbon, or elastic for a truly custom look.

Alternate Products:  Patterned polyester ribbon, patterned elastic

Patterned Polyester RibbonPatterned Polyester Elastic

Common Materials:  All of our sublimated, patterned webbing, ribbon and elastic is made from polyester because this material has a high enough melting point to withstand the heat applied during the sublimation process.

Uses:  Personalized straps, lanyards, tie- downs, dog collars, leashes, belts, or anything you can use a regular webbing for.  Ask us how we can imprint your custom logo, pattern or color onto webbing, ribbon or elastic.

Over 100 Patterns Available!

Custom Printed Dog CollarsCustom Printed Straps

Common Restrictions:  Our patterned webbing is only available is polyester due to the high heat used in the sublimation process.